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Coach Pathway

View the Coach Training and Certification Overview (.pdf 677KB) or the sections below. For information on how to view and track your NCCP certification process online, please follow this link.


FUNdamentalz Program

LTAD Stages: Fundamentals to L2T

NCCP Context: Community Coach

Athlete Program: FUNdamentalz

How to get certified as a FUNDAMENTALZ Coach?
  • Attend the technical course
  • Attend the 2 NCCP Modules
  • Complete the on-site evaluation
Competition Introduction Program

LTAD Stages: L2T to T2T

NCCP Context: Competition Introduction

Athlete Program: Freestylerz

How to get certified as a Competition Introduction Coach?
  • Attend the 7 technical courses
  • Attend the 4 NCCP Modules
  • Complete the evaluations
Comp Dev Program

LTAD Stages: T2T to L2C

NCCP Context: Competition Development

Athlete Program: Can Free Team

How to get certified as a Comp Dev Coach?
  • Attend the discipline specific technical course
  • Attend the 6 NCCP Modules
  • Complete the evaluation
Comp Dev Program Overview
Comp High Performance

LTAD Stages: T2C to T2W

NCCP Context: Competition High Performance

Athlete Program: Provincial Academy, National Programs

How to Get Certified as a Comp High Performance Coach:
  • Technical modules not developed yet
  • Programs will be designed on an individual coach basis
  • Coaches will start taking modules through the National Coaching Institute
  • Can work towards the NCI Diploma or the Advanced Coaching Diploma: ACE
  • NCI Trains the coach, NSO certifies the coach

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